The Evolution of a Modern-Day Farm Wife

I kissed my husband this morning before he drove out of the yard with a packed cooler and thermos in hand and jokingly said, “See ya later this summer.” 

The ground is finally dry after all of the recent rains. 

The soybeans & grain sorghum still need planted, irrigation pipes need to be laid, and wheat harvest is quickly approaching…and it’s not all going to magically get taken care of on its own. 
I’ll be making snack & drink deliveries to the fields and FaceTime calls so the kids can see their daddy and I can see my husband–even if it’s for brief visits. 

There will be an empty chair at the head of the table when we sit down for meals. And we will hold hands and pray; thanking God for all of our blessings and ask that HE keep Daddy safe and healthy while he works hard to get his jobs done.

This time of year on the farm always requires many long days of hard, tiresome work. 

This is a time of the year where sacrifices are made. 

This is the start of summer on the farm. 

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Comments on: "Start of Summer on the Farm" (2)

  1. Twila Dillinger said:

    The life of a farmer—one of the hardest, most dangerous, and most rewarding jobs there is.

  2. A farmers life is tough for sure but as Twila said one of the most rewarding!

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